Get your Team Energized and Engaged to Take Action Fearlessly 
Leaders and organizations hire me to clear the clutter, focus, and energize the organization!

I bring a dynamic approach that will educate, empower, and inspire the audience to be aware of what they need and how to accomplish it.

I have an intense personal story, and I use it to change lives. I have learned that my story matters and realize the valuable lessons that it has taught me. I am eager to help others see how their story has a purpose, how it must be understood so that obstacles can be overcome, and how it often holds the key to unleashing the greatness that is inside of them.

I take whole life approach - understanding that one area of someone's life affects the others. For example, if you are struggling at work, it may have nothing to do with work. The problem could be a family issue at home or a serious financial issue. Or on the other extreme, you may be crushing your goals at work and praise is coming at you from every direction. However, you are confused knowing you are having to hide feelings of depression, meaninglessness, and emptiness--and you don't even know why! Eventually, something has to give. That is why it is critical to understand what is going on inside of you. Everyone needs to put their lives in proper perspective making sure that their priorities are properly aligned in order to be happy, healthy, and effective personally and professionally.

I will leave the audience inspired and eager to move as I speak about every area of life: emotions, spirituality, actions, communication, family, business, vision, and so much more. I use hands-on tools and audience interaction to keep everyone captivated and excited to create change.

Pick The Topic That Fits Your Needs. We Can Customize A Presentation Just For YOU!   
Desire to have the right Attitude, take the right Action steps and stay Dedicated no matter what.
See The Beauty In Chaos
Learn to manage your emotions and see the beauty in your chaos.
Mindset Madness
Get rid of the toxicity in your life, align your heart & mind, and take positive action.
Create a Winning Outcome
Your winning outcome starts with how you and your team approach everything separately and together. Help your team Take Action with a Collaborative Approach
Declutter Your Life & Take Action
  Pull the weeds and create an empowering vision that impacts your life EVERY DAY. 
Behaviors & Motivators
How you communicate in life matters. Learn to communicate effectively to change your life and the lives of those around you.
Inspire With Your Story
Trust your story and use it to impact the world with your God-given gifts and strengths.
Relationships with Ease
Build relationships around you.  First understand yourself then others. Learn how create healthy relationships with those you work with and live with.
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
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To Energize Your Team To Take Action Fearlessly
Leisa Jenkins
P.S. : If you don't find a topic that suits you, let us know. I bet I can make it happen for you. I am a very passionate person and have customized programs for many industries and situations!
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